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Kitchen Remodel

kitchen with built in stove and oven

The kitchen is one of the principally important rooms in the property. It’s where you spend lots of family time, where food is prepared and consumed, and it needs to be in a great condition, otherwise the general level of the property will undoubtedly disappoint. Many people are left stuck with kitchens that they dislike, and it can make preparing and eating your meals an underwhelming experience. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Kitchen Remodel Pros, we’re proud to provide a range of powerful kitchen remodeling interventions that can dramatically improve the functionality, appearance, and even value of your kitchen. We work by targeting every aspect of the space, introducing new elements, aesthetics, and features in sweeping fashion – all to fit your needs. Find out more about how our kitchen contractors and design team can help you by reading on below.

Smart Design

If you’re trying to make an effective kitchen, it isn’t just about pouring in features and luxury materials – it’s about how you use these elements in a wider design purpose. What kind of cooking and cleaning processes do you plan on using your kitchen for going forward? What items and features might you need access to? By examining questions like these, we can build a picture of what a functional and intuitive space would mean for you. By integrating these ideas into the remodel, you’re far more likely to enjoy the functionality of the kitchen once the work is completed – not just the style of the space.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are the dominating element in the wider kitchen aesthetic. They often fill the room, and so you need to be comfortable with how they look before you consider any other facets of the space. Of course, they’re more than just a visual feature – they’re the primary storage space in the room too, which is of no small importance. We can install cabinetry of any type, with popular choices including wood, acrylic, PVC, stainless steel, plywood, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Kitchen Appliances

In modern kitchens, you’re likely to find quite a few appliances. Ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves – these are all commonly found in kitchens in most homes. But others also include washers, dryers, and a range of smaller appliances too. While these items add a huge amount of functionality and utility to the space, they can look a little out of place in the wider aesthetic. We can use cabinetry to mask their presence, ensuring that you maintain the same visual quality that you had before their installation.

Kitchen Flooring

If you’re going to have an effective kitchen, you’re going to need quality flooring installed. The floor needs to be able to handle the rigors of kitchen life – dealing with intense moisture, heat, spillages, and other dropped items. In simple terms, it’s a space where a lot happens! Prioritizing easy cleanup and maintenance is not uncommon, and this sees many people choosing tiled floors, laminate floors, and even vinyl floors. Of course, we’re happy to install any kind of flooring you desire.

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